Thursday, September 18, 2008

Weekend in Denver...

My mom was here for a few days and she was very kind to watch Taylor for the weekend last weekend while Tom and I (and our little 3rd wheel Max) spent the weekend in Denver. Our 5th anniversary is coming up so we wanted to take the opportunity to get away together while we had the "Grandma" in town.
On Friday we stopped at Maggiano's for lunch...It was a great italian place. I'd recommend sharing though! The portions were HUGE and they said they're even bigger at dinner.
our room at the Hyatt (got to love!) Max had a huge explosion from lunch time to checking in at our room so when we got him out of his carseat, poop was everywhere at Tom had to hold him in that 'special way' when you don't want to get poop on yourself. So, this was the first thing we did when we got to the room...diaper and outfit change!
our happy little 3rd wheel! He was happy enough to just sit in his carseat while we went swimming at the least he was happy until later when we were trying to go to sleep! ;-)
on the top floor of the hotel. They have wedding receptions and stuff here, but it was empty when we went up. They had music playing over loud speakers and it was a cool place to check out Denver.

Maxwell sandwich!!

We loved spending some walking time in Downtown Denver last Saturday. It was a gorgous day and it was so cool to get to see the city.
Colorado State Capitol Building...
At the Art museum...for all you Coloradoans out there, the first Saturday at the art museum is free. We didn't go through it this day, but are planning on heading back for one of their free days!

these above pics were all near/at the art museum and the big public library...the architecture was amazing! The building behind me above was the library (it looks like a bunch of different buildings but they're all one big one) sort of like NYC in Vegas...not as big but still cool.

the big Catholic cathedral downtown. They were getting ready for a wedding...ahh. I love weddings and wish we could have stayed. We probably could have pulled it off if it weren't for our jeans and 3rd wheel!

we got back to our car with ONE MINUTE left! :-)
back at the hotel.
This was the sunset view from our room.
It was a great weekend!

The State Fair on Labor Day!

We had a hot, fun day at the state fair! I love fairs...nothing will beat the Missouri State Fair but it's still so great going to any fair and seeing the animals and the really expensive fried food! big, boogery Max! ;-)

Max eyeing the funnel cake.
Taylor's seat of the house...getting ready to watch some really neat sea lions.

watching the show...
mmm...funnel cake.

Labor Day air balloon festival

We had such a fun Labor day weekend! Any time we get extra time with our family man we're excited! So, we got up super early the Saturday of the weekend and went to this annual hot air balloon festival. It was SO cool! It was so neat being just a few feet away from all these balloons as they lifted. It was just a beautiful sight a a great way to spend a day of our special weekend. Yes, that's my nursing cover and yes I had just nursed Max on a park bench...thank goodness for nursing covers...Tom had just asked a couple to take a pic of us and I didn't have a chance to rip it off yet in this pic...oh well.
satisfied Max...
Isn't it beautiful?

Do you see the Noah's ark balloon? It was huge!

feeding ducks at the lakes...This is one of Taylor's favorite pasttimes...blowing bubbles!