Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentines Day 2009!!!

We had a great Valentines Day this year! My oldest brother says Valentines Day was made up by Hallmark b/c they wanted to make he never celebrates it. Well, I just don't by a card...but I love having an opportunity to celebrate with a day of love for my loved ones...We spent the first part of the day enjoying a nice big breakfast with omelets, turkey sausage and smoothies. Then our friends' daughters came over for the rest of the morning. Then our kids napped in the afternoon and then our friend watched our kids for a couple hours in the late afternoon while Tom and I went to our favorite mexican restaurant and then to Chucke Cheese to have some kid free "kid" fun. We got our kids and came home...put them to bed and played Dominion (the game I got Tom for V-day-it was recommended by Tom's brother Mar and is SO fun! Thanks Mar) and then watched a movie in was an excellent day! Tom went off chocolate with me for two weeks before V-day so I made him homemade chocolates, and gave him girl scout cookies and Dominion..

This is what Tom gave me...I love it!

playing at Chucke Cheese....

Can you see the score? Tom was much better than me at this!
They had these fun virtual, cheesy rides!
Tom was also incredibly better at this dance-dance revolution than me! Go Tom! I really should post the video I took of him dancing...we'll see if I can get to it.
another virtual rollar coaster was cheesy (wind blew on you) but fun!

this just shows my inability at getting the pics in order on my blog! ;-) Oh well!
Taylor and Max with our friends' little girls Robyn and Sydney....Max face cracks me up!
Maddie the nanny...can you see her tongue? Sorry Sarah! ;-)
another not so happy Max shot!
and finally, Max with his little girlfriend Sydney....happy!

Thursday, February 12th 2009

It was an exciting day! We got a package from Grandma H., roses from Daddy, and valentines from cousins! Here are some cute pics and videos from the day... the kids were in the crib together laughing and cuddling as their dad was playing with can see the last video. It melts my heart to see them play and laugh together! I love it so much!

the above picture is my favorite! Max looks at Taylor with googly eyes all the time and Taylor is "usually" such a sweet big sister to him! Ahhh...I love my kiddos!

Taylor opening valentines from her cousins in Arizona!

Tom sent me these roses for Valentines Day....they were 2 days early b/c it was 10 bucks cheaper that way ;-) But, by Saturday they had opened up beautifully! Tom is so sweet to know that I'd prefer these colorful roses to typical red roses! I just LOVE flowers...especially from him.
OKAY! Here are the 7 or 8 minutes or so of pure entertainment! Actually, these I pretty much uploaded for the kids' Grrrreat Grandma from Georgia! Make sure to press the pause icon on the pink music box Grandma. and thanks for the package Grandma! We love you!

still catching up with pictures!

sweet Maddie in the middle! She's one great nanny!

Taylor said, "Here Maddie, do you want to talk to Grandma?"

This was Max after getting treated to a berry sort of looks like he got a big kiss from a lipstick wearing lady!

the kids after smoothie eating...
well, if you lean your right ear to your right shoulder then maybe you can see this one better! ;-)Not sure why it uploaded sideways...oh well!

This was at Taylor's little friend's birthday party. It was a "snowflake princess" theme. It was super cute and Taylor had a ball dressing up and playing with her friends.
Max got a hat too!
I think Max looks so cute in this picture!

Well, and this one!

Yep, this one too!
Yep, I just can't help myself...he's just my little cute sweetheart!

awe! I love those chunky little legs!

this was Taylor trying out the apron we made for her friend's birthday... Tom and I playing late night "boy" games (Heroscape) with my little brother Daniel. I was tired! I said, he's a face making genius! I have about 10 more pics like this! Want a fun evening? Hire Dan to hang out with ya! He's definately a fun guy!

Tom's making a goofy face this time. He had been around Dan too long! ;-)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Movie I recommend..

My dad recommended this one to us a while back and we finally watched it...and loved it! Thanks dad! It's called The Road's Chinese with English subtitles. It's very tender, if your female and in the mood, you'll probably cry but it didn't leave me feeling sad...just blessed to have Tom.

It seems like there are so many movies that are just a waste of your time...I really enjoy ones that lift your soul. So, The Road Home....go check it out for an soul-moving 2 hours!

Anybody, have any other good recommends?

Denver Botanic Gardens

So, I'm still catching up...but here's few pics from the Denver Botanic Gardens last month. I loved it here and b/c of construction and the fact it was January, we were only able to see the main building! Even still, it was incredible. I'm a flower/plant person so I was fascinated by it all and can't wait to go back when we can see even more...

my little bro. Daniel...he's a goofy face making genius!
So, for you Coloradoans (or if you ever want to visit) here's a list of upcoming FREE days at the Denver Botanic Gardens: March 16, July 20, August 20, and September 19th.
There's also the location called Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield (in Littleton). They have upcoming FREE days on March 6, April 3, May 1, June 5 and August 7th.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mile High city zoo...January 19, 2009

I know...I am weeks behind! Anyway, on Martin Luther King, Jr. day, the weather was gorgeous in least the eastern side of Colorado (have I mentioned that I LOVE Colorado?) and the zoo and the Denver Botanical Gardens had a free day. My brother Dan was here visiting so we took off early that morning to head to the zoo first then the Botannical Gardens. It was SO busy at the zoo. We had to walk a mile or so to get to where Tom parked the car...but, it was worth it and we had lots of fun....

My little brother Daniel LOVES lizards! He's had at least 3 or 4 as beloved pets. So, I think these pics are funny b/c he sort of seems like the "lizard whisperer" to me. A few years ago, my parents, little sis Hannah and Dan flew out to Utah for Christmas. Well, Daniel had to bring his pet lizard of course so he tucked it in his armpit as he went through all the security and while riding on the airplane! Isn't that so funny? He's a pretty goofy guy! We love you Dan!

The thing we're looking at is a giant was amazing!

the tropic house was my favorite part of the had tons of fish, lizards, snakes, etc.

me, the kids and Dan...