Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Camping" (in a cabin) at the Boy Scout camp:
Getting ready for our first "camping" trip: backpacks packed and all excited!
We had dinner at Pizza Hut in Woodland Hills and then headed to the Boy Scout camp, spent some time with our friends and then got the kiddos ready for bed...aren't they cuties? (don't let them fool you though!)After a couple of hours of trying to get them to sleep in those nice, comfortable beds pictured above, we resolved to the option below (this was around 11 p.m.--and their normal bedtime is around 7!) here they are watching Princess and the Frog...
they were still watching at midnight! Finally fell asleep close to 12:30...a couple hours later Max is in our bed, 3 hours after that Taylor was in our bed. We've decided on our next "camping" trip we all need to just go to bed as a family (in one big family bed) because we're going to wind up that way anyway! ;-) At least it gave me a chance to cuddle with my big kiddos, but I was so TIRED that next day!

and so were they! If you look closely at Taylor, you can see the results of her sneaking my makeup bag into the back seat with her and having free range with my make up for a whole twenty minutes before I realized what was going on...when we got home I put her right into the bath tub and there was literally a ring around the tub from the colored (make up dyed) bathwater!
catching a fly with super dad! check out the video below for exclusive footage! ;-)
Cambri and Cinderella:

These photos are a bit out of order...but are mostly from the weekend with my dad. My parents are moving back to Seattle so he stopped and stayed with us for a couple of days so we decided to bless Cam while he was here.

(back to Cinderella real quick...this kind princess is pictured below cleaning out our babies "toe jam" ;-) It's a little obsession of Taylor's to clean out her own toes, so I crack up when I see her take the chance to do it for her little sister as well!
back to Cambria's blessing day...this picture below is one of my perfectly captures how easy it is to get nice photos with kiddos! ;-)
a little better...

Cambria at 2 months on her blessing day...

'love this little sweet babe!

June 5th we went to our friends' daughter's ballet recital downtown. It was pretty fun!

a booger pickin'
good time!
big, beautiful smiles from Cambri!

This hail storm occured about 15 minutes before my last workout of my first bootcamp of the summer! It was crazy! But, then it cleared up and we had a super fun closing session workout!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

This is what happens when you're bad at blogging...

grinding wheat...Max is very good at covering his ears.

reading and playing....Mother's Day 2010

cuddling in mom and dad's bed.

after Taylor's first dance recital.

with her baby ballerinas class. I love her class and teacher. It's perfect (and laid back) for their young age group. I'll try to get a video or two posted of her dance.

my favorite past time for the last 11 weeks and 1 day....cuddling with my Cambri! ahh! pure bliss!