Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We've had such a gorgeous fall with sunshine, temps in the 70s and we've loved it... Thankfully, Halloween followed suit and was perfect as well. That day the kiddos and I went to our playgroup and decorated cookies and enjoyed the sunny day. That evening we got dressed up, picked up daddy from work and drove downtown to our friend Amie's parents. I wish I would've taken a picture of their home. It was amazing! It was built in the 1890s, still has the old character and charm but has been well-maintained, is updated and gorgeous. We ate pizza and then went trick or treating in the very neat historic district of downtown. The homes were so fun to look at and I loved every minute of it. These pics are out of order...I actually tried but it didn't work. Anyway, here you go! Our friend Curtis and Taylor's best bud Robyn.

Taylor was a chef...that's why she's wearing funky pj pants...when I worked at a restaurant that's what the chefs wore. :-)

Max was Drew Carey and I was a very poor version of Mimi...Max looked more the part than I did!

Our friends Curtis and Sarah. They were Woody and (I can't remember her name). Aren't their costumes perfect?! They're a super fun couple! You can see a little of the home we were at...well, this is just the backyard and garage.

This was my FAVORITE costume of the night! Isn't this so funny?

Our friends Sam and Amie and their oldest daughter. Amie was Ariel, ten years and three kids later... cracks me up! Sam's a seminary teacher and they are both wonderful speakers.

There were lots of older folks. They were so sweet. This lady gave out ginger snaps...and I actually ate one! (I'm usually pretty paranoid)

our little family...

Drew is drueling...
checking out the stash!
the group shot...we had so much fun with these wonderful people!

I voted!

I thought I'd write because I'm getting too frustrated watching all the lame media...

This morning I got up super early so I could go and hold a spot in line for us...I'm glad I did b/c Tom and I were the 16th and 17th to vote in our precinct and in the short while I waited, around 300 more people walked past me to the end of the line. But, while I was waiting there looking at the magazine that has been waiting weeks for me to read; I felt this overwhelming sense of gratitude for the freedoms we have. I feel so, SO grateful for the people who have fought and sacrificed for those freedoms!

I watched as older women walked past and thought how grateful I am that we live in a country who now allows and accepts the equal rights of ALL people regardless of race, gender, class... When I lived and worked in D.C. a few years ago I felt so much patriotism as we walked through the same remarkable memorials weekly and remembered our history and those great men and women who impacted the lives we now live...

With whatever results occur tonight...I hope for a bright future and my gratitude goes out to those good people who have fought and sacrificed so much FOR US...

'fall' luau...

Our church (ward) had a luau the weekend before halloween. It was fun and the food was great...but it was hard for me to get into it b/c it was....well, the weekend before halloween. Last year we had a chilli cookoff and trunk or treat. Everyone wore their costumes and it was more fall/season-ish. Anyway, we still had fun and loved being with our friends. I thought Taylor was so cute...this was the first time she wore a necklace for the entire duration without ripping it off and breaking it.

Taylor and one of her best buds.

dancing away...

I think Max looks like such a little doll in this picture...actually, he looks like a doll all the time to me but especially in this picture! :-)

playing ring around the rosies with her two very best buddies...while we were all waiting in the food line.

the fam!