Monday, May 10, 2010

last week of April...

Tom's mom came to visit during the last week of April. We had lots of fun with her! This is where I teach Pilates...I took Cambria there to meet some of the amazing women I get to have in my class. They're so super sweet! I also got to go back to teaching last week...I love it so much!

watching Alice in Wonderland...

My friend made this beautiful quilt for Cambria! The time has gone by so fast and she is growing so quickly. I'm trying so hard to take the time this time to just sit and cuddle with her. I so love having her in our family and home...she's such a sweet baby girl!

Max in his monster hat at the park...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

April 12th-25th

My photographer friend Sarah attempted to take pictures of Cambria on two separate occasions and both times she was wide awake, so the last time she left her white sheet on our couch so I could get some shots of her once she fell asleep. I thought they turned out pretty sweet. She's just two weeks old in these.

this was the big booger Tom pulled out of her nose and as boys tend to get a kick out of things like this, he had to take a picture of it! ;-)

Celebrating Tom's birthday:funny thing about the picture above...Taylor is wearing a "pee pee tee pee" instead of her actual party hat...they are shaped the same! We had these out just in case Cambria was a boy and she's been wearing them as hats since! ;-)

and here she has it on her party hat!

First two weeks of Cambria's life...

We went to Carino's for my birthday; on Mondays they have their family platters for half price...the shrimp scampi pasta is SO good!

with Grandma and Grandpa...

I found these little cowboy boots for Max at Walmart for $3! He LOVES them so I got a back up pair!
Grandpa and Cambria