Thursday, June 7, 2007


Well, Tom's job with the BSA is going really well so far. He seems to really be enjoying it and that's great. He's had several meetings and has been trying to learn everything. Saturday the BSA is having a day at the zoo so we all get to go to the zoo for free. Then, next week Tom gets to go up to the big scout camp here for a luncheon and to meet everyone up there. He's going to see if Taylor and I can come along.

I just got a job too! I have been teaching a pilates/yoga class to some of my friends for free this last year to give me experience teaching. Well, I contacted the fitness director at a local health and racquetball club and he let me come in and interview for a subsitute fitness instructor position and he hired me! It was the craziest interview/paperwork filling out session I have ever had b/c I had Taylor with me and she was so fussy from teething. I filled out the last of the application and paperwork standing up holding her and bouncing her on my hip. Anyway, for now I'll just teach whenever the established teachers can't which is perfect for being a mom b/c I never have to go, only when it is convenient for my family. AND, Tom and I get a free membership to the club! Even if I only teach a couple classes a month we get to use the club all we want! It's a really nice club too with a pool, tennis courts, great equipment and lots of classes. I am pretty excited!