Sunday, August 5, 2007

I don't want to let you down Misti! :-)

My good friend from Texas just "tagged" me so I'm supposed to post 7 random facts about me:

1: I enjoy watching black and white classic movies while cuddling with my husband.

2: I am a really good window shopper! I talk myself out of 99% of things I think about buying.

3: I used to travel across the country (by plane) all the time presenting leadership conferences for FFA, but now I don't really like to fly/travel anywhere.

4: I love the thought of Italy: jazzy, romantic music, the language ( I own a "learn Italian in your car" cd series), the food, the architecture and the Italian countryside ( I don't think I'll ever have the guts to fly there) but it's great in my dreams!

5: Speaking of Italy, I lived and worked with girls from Italy, Croatia, Australia and Tonga on my mission in SLC.

6: I have six brothers and 9 brother in laws and 31 nieces and nephews....that's all!

7: My Dad is a Nuclear Medicine doctor and my Father in law is a Rocket Scientist...and both Tom and I are not very good test takers! Where did those genes go! :-)

So, there you go Misti! :-) And, now I am tagging Michelle, Kristen and Marion "Mathew Buckley" Jensen!


Kristin said...

fun facts about you! I have to admit that I only knew about a couple of them. :D

Did you sell your trailer??? I saw the signs down and someone's car in front of it the other day! Hooray!