Monday, July 20, 2009

Sailing Shoes 5k: June 20th

The weekend of this 5k, Tom's parents and little brother Mike came for a fun visit. We had a great time with them and love when they come and see us. The pics are a little out of order... our kids didn't use pacifiers...Taylor did until she was 5 months, Max never did, but on this particular day they found old pacifiers and were both gnawing on them. They don't know how to suck on them so it looks pretty goofy and funny! I think we disposed of the pacifiers after that...

After the shot.

This is us with our neighbor and my really good friend Rachele who ran it with us. I love this girl! We passed each other a couple times during the race and she would let our whoops and hollers. She looks like Scarlett Johannson and is so much fun!

Taylor got to run for part of the kids mile race...yep, she was all dressed to run in her flip flops and pjs. :-)

Max's public diaper change...he LOVED every minute of it!

trying not to pass out...or throw up after the race... ;-) I was excited to have run it pretty fast (for me) and get my best time with this race, but I also came the closest I've ever come to puking! I crossed the finish line and gagged 3 times (I know! Embarrassing!) I had to sit down on the street before they even got my tag so I wouldn't lose it! I'm SO glad I didn't lose it!

But, Tom's little brother Mike on the other hand....lost it! ;-) Yep, he threw up in one of the outhouses and was so glad b/c he felt much better afterwords. He is such a fun, goofy guy. I love this kid! He hadn't run at all since he visited us last October and we all ran a 5k together. Well, he did awesome and ran it in right around 25 minutes...but, didn't feel so good after the race (until he finally puked! :-) Here are a couple more funny pics of the poor guy!

Taylor and Tom's mom share a birthday (July 15th) so while they were here, they had a little early birthday celebration for themselves...


Anonymous said...

That is so fun that you guys do so many races together. Good for you!!!

Callie said...

LOL...oh, this post cracked me up! The pictures were great and so candid! I am glad you didn't "lose it"! Great job!!!

Christensen Family said...

Awesome guys. That is so fun to have others to run it with. I can never find anyone to run with me. The pics of changing Max are hilarious. You guys are creative! Way to go!