Sunday, April 3, 2011

Winter 2011--

I actually have attempted to post to by blog; but for some reason it wasn't letting me upload anything so I got a bit impatient with it. I decided today to just try uploading one or two photos at a time and it worked! So, here's a LOT of catching up and I have a LOT more catching up to do. I am wanting to officially make my blog private I'll wait a few days in case anyone wants to pass on your email so I can send you an invite. That is if anyone even checks my blog since it's been SO long since I've added anything! I do plan to do better though because I want to do a better job at recording our lives and our memories. We'll see how it goes! Here are some of our favorite pictures from the last 2 or 3 months:

Taylor took this picture of Cam (above)

I got these hats and scarves for the kids at Children's Place for 85 cents! Just trying to make my Grandma proud! ;-)

If you look closely, you can see Cam's little (big) toe sticking out of her pjs! ;-)

Max's playgroup: He's had such a great time getting together with these two boys this year. We've rotated homes each week (until lately, because we've all been sick over and over again!). This is what the boys did when I said, 'okay, put your arms around eachother!' (they're so cute!)

Preschool: We've done a preschool co-op this year with a few other moms who I'm good friends with. I've REALLY enjoyed getting to do this! I love when it's at our home. It's so fun to get to learn with them and do science experiments and play games and role plays. It's been so fun! I love that when it's at our home Max gets to participate too. It's also saved us hundreds of dollars (actually almost one thousand dollars!). So, it's totally been worth it and I look forward to hopefully doing this with each of our kids! I've also been using the book 'Teach your child to read with 100 easy lessons' with Taylor mostly. It's been AWESOME!!! I definitely recommend it! I love how simple it is and structured it is. Totally my style and I've enjoyed watching Taylor learn so quickly and easily! I got it on Amazon for 10 dollars...also, definitely worth it! ;-)
we used this sheet as a parachute. We tried putting torn up peices of tissue on it so that it would resemble snow when we shot it up into the air....yeah, actually, it just made a HUGE mess! But, we had fun playing with it!


The Flip Side said...

Mel, I would love an invite if you go private! Hope things are going well! Rochelle