Thursday, July 5, 2007

Our news lately...

Hey everyone! Well, we've been doing well. Last Thursday Tom came home at noon and announced that he was done with work for the day/week and had off until today! So, in his first month of work he was given 4 1/2 days off. It was because his council accomplished their bi-annual goals and if they do it again in December than he'll get extra time off then too. We're just hoping he'll get 2 1/2 weeks off then! :-) So, we've gotten to do a lot of work looking for homes in his time off. We're getting closer to a point where we'll start making offers, but it's also been a bit frustrating b/c most of the homes in our budget are not in very nice neighborhoods. We just hope something will work out sooner than later. I'm going with our agent in a few minutes to look at a bunch of homes. We'll see how it goes!

It's been so nice having Tom home for a few days. It's nice spending time with your best friend! Oh, yeah if anyone reads this today--go to Old Navy! They're having a big sale starting tomorrow (50% off clearance items) but if you buy today and beat the crowd you can take your receipt in with in 14 days for a price adjustment. I went yesterday while Tom watched Taylor and found some great deals.

We've become good friends with the couple we ran into a few weeks ago who I knew from Oklahoma. They have a little girl a few months older than Taylor and have been really nice to invite us to dinner and out shopping and to their luau last Saturday. It was fun to go to that b/c there were about 6-7 other couples there that we got to meet. I'm not feeling so unfamiliar and lonely now. Especially with being so busy looking for a house.

Other news? Last Friday I went to 24hour Fitness and had a 2nd interview. It lasted 3 hours and part of it was spent in the swimming pool being trained on teaching water aerobics. Anyway, they hired me to start out as a sub instructor but it could be very promising and soon that I could get more regular classes. We'll see.

Taylor is doing fantastic! She turns 1 in 10 days! We've been trying to teach her sign language for quite a while now and I think she's trying her hardest to rebel and not do it, but the other day Tom was playing with her and taught her to fall over backwards while he yelled "Timberrr!" and he would catch her and tickle her. She learned that in about a minute and a half and has been doing it everyday since, but we've been trying to teach her the sign for eat, drink and more for a couple months and she hasn't done it once on her own! She just looks at us like we're crazy! :-) She did just start waving the other day though so at least she's catching onto some stuff!
Yesterday for the 4th we went up to Monument and Palmer Lake for their little festivites. It was fun. Taylor looked so cute in her little outfit that we've been waiting a year for her to wear. Then last night we went to a party and watched the fireworks from this couple's pool. It was a lot of fun. Well, I hope everyone's having a great day! I have a bunch more pictures I'll post soon maybe later today if I have time.