Monday, December 22, 2008

Woo-Hoo 'Pilates Party'!!

I get together with a super fun group of ladies (a bunch of moms) from my church to do a Pilates/Yoga class and I thought it'd be fun to have a ladies game night/party this last Thursday. So, that morning my kiddos and I went to the mall to ask for samples from the different salons and shops. It was so fun. Thankfully, the kids were in great moods and the people at the stores and counters I went to were friendly and I got some fun samples and coupons to make into cute gift bags. The best place I went to though was the Toni and Guy salon. The guy/manager there was amazing! He said that he had some samples he could give me, but to give him about 15-20 minutes so he could get them together. Well, I came back and he was finishing putting full size BedHead and Catwalk shampoos and Conditioners in all these bags. So, that was my little surprise to my friends at the end of the party.

I also said that if they wanted to bring something to eat to bring a healthy snack...which led to a very clever joke my friend Amie played (see pic below) We had so much fun together. I just love these ladies and the time I get to spend with them. The eighties ladies...they had to come up with a dance to a song on my 80s cd. They also had to do it in our bathroom (b/c the other bedrooms were occupied by our dog and kids). They're so funny, they were in the bathroom putting their hair in side ponytails (play up the 80s) and spraying hairspray on it while getting ready for their dance.

The rolo game...a pair of dice went around the circle and if you roll doubles you come up to the piano bench and try to open rolos candy with two knives...if you open one you have to eat it without using your hands. So funny!

Amie's "healthy" funny! she had this plate full of cucumbers and one of the gals was putting some on her plate and saw something strange underneath all the cucumers...cookies!!!

This is cute Amie! ;-)

the dances!!! be sure to press pause on my playlist...

group #1: they got to practice in our living room and pick whatever song from the internet...I love their song choice...cute dance!

group #2 (my group!): We practiced in our bedroom and had to choose a song off an Enya cd...I forgot to tell my friend who I gave my camera to that this would record so it's only the first half of the dance...oh well, less embarrasing footage of my group dancing right! ;-)

above and below: group #3 these girls had to practice in the bathroom (it's not very big!) and choose their song off the 80s cd. Theirs was the favorite of the funny!

Thanks ladies for being such good friends! I love ya!


Callie said...

I have been afraid of this post!! Oh, those dances make me laugh. It was so much fun, Mel! You really know how to throw a great party! Hope you guys have a wonderful and safe Christmas!! :)

The Flip Side said...

I have also been very afraid of this post but with only part of ours it really wasn't that bad. Thank you for such a fun party and being such an awsome teacher!!!!

Dirk and Trish said...

Well I would have given working out a chance if I knew there was a party at the end! Sounds like tons of fun! How is your New Year class looking?

Suzanne said...

Mel- What a fun, fun time! I love how you inspire people to be fit, feminine, friendly, and fun! All of which you are SO beautifully! You are amazing!

Makes me wish we lived closeby!

Suzanne said...

I'm also WAY impressed that you'd dare go to the mall and ask for samples for the ladies! You are awesome!